A community where everyone discovers, experiences, values and is connected by the power of music.


To present diverse and high-quality live music performances and broad-based community music education.

Breckenridge Music is a nonprofit that provides concerts, multi-genre performing arts events, and music education in and around Breckenridge, Colorado. The organization’s month-long summer festival features a resident ensemble of 45 professional musicians whose performances range from traditional orchestra to modern and sometimes include multidisciplinary collaborations. Throughout the year, chamber music is presented throughout the county, and regional and national touring acts perform at the Riverwalk Center in genres including jazz, rock, folk, bluegrass, and country. The organization’s education efforts share music with the broadest cross-section of the community and reach about 4,000 students at schools in three counties.


Breckenridge Music’s story begins in the summer of 1980, when a group of full- and part-time residents put together a ten-day music festival to mark the anniversary celebration of Father Dyer Church. The event was so well received by residents, visitors and musicians that plans were made to have it become an annual event.

The Festival, chartered in 1981 as the Breckenridge Music Institute, was commissioned to produce a Festival of Classical Music and Jazz, and operated a summer music festival and a youth music camp.



Breckenridge Music is based in the historic mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge was populated as a frontier mining town in the 1890s Colorado gold rush, and owes its character of historic charm to the great care and attention paid to preservation of historic buildings in recent decades. Organizations including the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance maintain the Town’s connection to its past.

After mining had run its course, the Town’s perfect setting for winter sports activities attracted a whole new set of enthusiasts, and the town was reborn as a ski destination, alongside the growing national interest in downhill skiing. Adjacent to multiple attractive ski areas including Breckenridge, A-Basin, Keystone and Copper Mountain, the town is the perfect base for outdoor winter activities.

Local wisdom has it that people visit Breckenridge for the winters, but end up staying for the summers. The high country setting is a magnet for enthusiasts of all kinds of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, biking, golfing, rowing and sailing.